Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CardzCreator?

CardzCreator is a mobile application that allows you to create customized 3D visual messages from your mobile phone & send it to friends mobile phones or post it on facebook and twitter.

Where can I get CardCreator?

CardzCreator is available on CardzCreator website. It is also available on Ovi Store as well as on following Application Store
- Airtel
- Vodafone
- Aircel
- Singtel
- 3Mobile
- Telstra
- GetJar
- PocketGear
- Samsung Java Store
- PlayNow

How much does it cost me?

CardzCreator is a free to download application. It does uses data connection to send greetings. *Standard operator data charges apply.

Why should I register?

Registration would provide you 10 credits to download themes, and will make you eligible for further upgrades, promotions, and rewards. You can continue using CardzCreator without registration.

Why do you require telephone number for registration?

The telephone number would be used to notify you about promotions, rewards and new updates. Please see our Terms and Conditions for privacy policy.

How much data will CardzCreator consume for sending a greeting?

To send a greeting, the CardzCreator would consume about 40-100KB depending on the screen size of your handset.

My handset is not supported. What should I do?

We are working towards supporting more handsets. Please either follow us on Twitter (@cardzcreator) to know about support for newer handsets or revisit our Compatible Handsets page. You can also send us details about your handset on

I get "Unable to establish a network connection" error message while trying to send a greetings. What should I do?

CardzCreator requires data connection to send a greetings. This error comes if data service is not properly configured on your handset. Please consult your mobile service provider to configure the network settings correctly.

How to get new themes.

On select-theme-screen click on more-themes icon which will take you to browse theme screen(it requires data connection). and then you can select theme of your choice and download it. You should have credits to download themes.

How to earn credits.

You get 10 credits on registration, 2 credits for every greeting sent through SMS or Facebook posting. You can get 10 credits for every application downloaded through your referral. You can recommend the CardzCreator using option 'Options > Recommend' in the application.
Using the earned credits, you can download the themes.

How to post a card on facebook

Select facebook in send options and press FBconnect(first time only) to authorize the application.Once app is authorised go back and press Referesh , friends contact list will be loaded , you can select a friend from list to post the greeting card on wall.

How to post a card on twitter

Select twitter in send options and press TWconnect(first time only) to authorize the application.Once app is authorised go back and press Referesh , list of those whom you follow will be loaded , you can select contact from list to tweet the greeting card.